Bronny Bar

$7.75 - $19.00
Bronny Bar

It’s green, it smells good, it’s an Isch-ing bar of soap. Bronny bar is a cold process soap that has a subtle citrus aroma with a hint of spice, it’s a very masculine smell that leaves you feeling fresh and not smelling like you were jumped by a pack of wild detergent boxes. Each handcrafted bar is roughly 4.5 oz w/ its own unique character.

Always pair with a good oil or moisturizer if you are going to use this on your beard, it’s better for the body!

Select from the drop-down menu either a single bar ($7.75) or the 2-Pack ($12.5 - $6.25 per bar)

You can now add a soap saving loofah scrubber bag and a bamboo soap dish to any order!

***Remember every purchase you make helps support children in foster care.