Dad-Bod Bundle

$35.00 - $47.00
Dad-Bod Bundle

For Father's Day or dia del padre (to sexy it up a bit) we are offering a few ways for YOU to show that man-maned-beast of a dude-bro in your life some extra love with one of our 3 gift bundles: The Padre's Power Pack, the Dad-Bod Bundle, The Mane-Dad Bundle.

The Dad-Bod Bundle is great for the bearded and unbearded father type person alike (assuming he showers 🤷🏽). Be whisked away to showery delight with a combo of Bronny Hair and Body Wash and a 2-pack of Bronny bar soap. Both have been reformulated to make dad's smell great and give them powerful karate skills (this is unverified). Heck, we also threw in a soap saver loofah scrubber bag and a bamboo soap dish in to complete the ascetic of your shower experience (or to fill the empty space in the box...).

Grab this great bundle for your dad type person today for only $35

*** $1 per sale in donated to charities that support children in foster care and awaiting adoption.