Padre's Power Pack

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Padre's Power Pack

For Father's Day or dia del padre (to sexy it up a bit) we are offering a few ways for you to show that man maned beast of a dude bro in your life some extra love with one of our 3 gift bundles: The Padre's Power Pack, the Dad-Bod Bundle, The Mane-Dad Bundle.

The Padre's Power Pack contains a 16 oz gift mug converted into an awesome 12 oz candle with one of two awesome scents (Love Sauce or Sandalwood Bourbon) that'll turn your man cave into a man can that smells slightly better. This unique gift also contains a beard brush/comb set, a soap saver loofah/soap dish set, 1 bottle of beard oil (ultra premium not included), and 1 bar of our newly formulated Bronny bar soap.

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Valued at $65 we are practically giving this away for $55 plus free shipping!

*** $1 per purchase goes to charities that support children in foster care and awaiting adoption.